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Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems



Remembering that our specialty is to build commercial reverse systems to meet your specific needs, we present a number of relatively “standard” units as a guideline to assist in the selection of products.

The following commercial reverse osmosis systems are Vertical construction and built with Stainless Steel frames and membrane housings.

Fully operational with sediment and carbon cartridges, re-circulation pressure set control valve, drain control, fully automatic controls, auto flush, low pressure safety switch, over-pressure pump by-pass and hydro-pneumatic tank controls.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Repairs and Servicing

There are numerous people who can get their Commercial Reverse Osmosis unit working but few, if any with our abilities to keep it operating to specification. We no not do the classic R & R (remove and replace) parts process until something works, but rather the system is studied in detail and a correction plan is established.

Our commercial reverse osmosis repair and rebuilding program is unique to the industry in it’s professionalism and completeness.

Having built and serviced hundreds of commercial units over the years for applications including agriculture, chemical processing, cooling towers, manufacturers, water stores, bottled water plants, restaurants, hotels and dozens of others, we are well aware of customer needs and operating environments. Whether we repair or rebuild the reverse osmosis system, be assured that it will be done properly.

As a basic equipment manufacturer, we have most repair items in stock, water laboratory testing equipment, electrical testing equipment, welding and metal cutting tools and a full wet testing facility. We also have information on most pumps and membranes enabling us to compare actual vs.as-new performance.

In addition to commercial reverse osmosis rebuilding, we can work with you to as needed to upgrade commercial reverse osmosis systems. We specialize in adding extra capacity to an existing unit, modifying control systems for enhanced automation, HMI improvement, increased data acquisition and display along with increased efficiency.

Equipment can be sent to us, or in San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Bernadino Counties of California, we will perform most work on site after an evaluation by one of our technical staff. We have fork lifts and high bays to accommodate systems of almost any size.

Every trade and industry has it’s own areas of expertise. Before you call someone who has never repaired a commercial reverse osmosis system or before going to an internet site of a company who is operating out of a P.O. box, please contact us. You will immediately be talking with someone who is knowledgeable in reverse osmosis as well as pre-treatment.

  • New Equipment Sales; New Equipment Start-Up
  • Filter Replacement; Granular Carbon Media Replacement
  • Water Softener Resin Replacement; Cartridge Filter Replacement
  • UV Bulb Replacement; Membrane Replacement & Cleaning
  • Membrane Performance Analysis & Autopsies
  • Anti-Scalant Chemical Sales & Services
  • System Disinfection Services; Microprocessor Programming & Troubleshooting
  • System Calibration & Optimization; On-Going Routine Full Service Contracts

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