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- Model SPAS - Commercial Ultrasonic Anemometer



The 'SPAS/2Y' style Ultrasonic Anemometer is a 2 axis, 2d, 15 cm, commercial Ultrasonic Anemometer. This sensor offers high quality performance in an inexpensive package. The electronics are contained within the probe and a single cable connects it to your PC. This sensor can provide nearly the accuracy and resolution of the scientific Ultrasonic Anemometer, but it is designed to meet the needs of commercial users, and is priced in a range that is affordable. It operates on DC power with a power consumption of about 1 watt. This meteorological instrument can be used in many different weather systems for accurate wind speed, wind direction and temperature information.

The Model SPAS/2Y Solid State Wind Sensor is the latest member of Applied Technologies, Inc.’s Sonic Anemometer product line. This sensor offers high quality performance in an inexpensive package.

The SPAS/2Y Wind Sensor is a continuation of the Sonic Wind Sensors developed 30 years ago, and contains the same wind distortion algorithm and factoring that have been proven and accepted around the world.

Data from the instrument is digital for direct connection to data loggers, computers, and systems.

The instrument is designed to perform with the wind speed rates and accuracy of the research sonic, but with the wind directions accuracy of the commercial sonic. Optional heating permits continuous operation during heavy ice and snow.

  • No moving parts
  • Digital outputs
  • Time proven design
  • Sensor emulation
  • Replaces many other anemometers
  • Low power
  • Solid-state digital operation


0-50 m/s for wind speed
0-359ºC for wind direction
-50 to +60ºC Temperature


0.01 m/s for wind speed
0.1º for wind direction
0.01ºC for temperature


±0.01 m/s for wind speed
±3.0º for wind direction
±2.0ºC for temperature

Operating Temperature

-50ºC to +60ºC

Digital Output

RS-232 standard
RS-422/485 optional

Sampling Rate Data Output Rate

200 per second
10 per second (nominal)
20 per second (optional)


Can be heated

Operating Frequency

200 kHz


9 – 32 VDC @ 100 ma

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