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The new aero-sys compact aeration system (pat. pend.) produces the process air for the biological treatment right there where it will be utilized: with a submerged blower right in the basin. The system consists of three parts: submerged blower: A highly efficient and compact submerged blower. Control system: a well balanced control with instantaneous regulation. Aerator plates: reliable, long-lasting, and efficient aerator plates

New – the submerged blower makes infrastructure buildings needless

The compact unit of submerged blower and drive motor is mounted directly to the basin wall of the biological treatment stage. Aeration piping outside the basin is unnecessary which lowers massively the infrastructure and operating costs.

Half the investment costs

Infrastructure buildings for high power blowers, long transport piping, and additional control and regulation systems are eliminated completely. This includes also expensive investments in noise insulation and cooling water systems. Because the blower of the compact aeration system is completely under water and works almost silent and is also kept cool by the surrounding medium several appliances to reduce emissions are obsolete. In most cases this means a reduction of 50 percent of the investment costs but depending on the plant it can even be bigger.

No loss – highly reduced operating costs

The oxygen entry into the biological treatment step consumes about 50 to 70 percent of the total energy of a waste water treatment plant. But a substantial amount of it is due to losses – by long air transportation piping, regulation fittings and controls, and poorly regulated blowers. Through the omission of these losses and the precise regulation of the integrated control system operating costs are reduced by a considerable amount: dependent on the plants layout there is a potential to economize 30 to 50 percent.

Optimized functionality – long life span

Traditional aeration systems for a plant’s biology consist usually of different components by several manufacturers: blowers, piping, several control and regulation systems, etc. The system set up is not only complex and time consuming but also confusing and inefficient because the components are not harmonized and tuned to each other, resulting in higher costs.
The new aero-sys compact aeration system is – except for the short supply pipe for the blower – a closed system of synchronized components that guarantee optimal functionality and a long life span.

All from one source

A system is only as good as its components. That’s why Roshard uses only high-quality elements: a drive motor with the highest efficiency class (IE4) made in Switzerland, the specially developed control- and regulation-system, and the reliable and established aerator plates. The straightforward assembly is carried out by well experienced Roshard professionals. For the plant operator this means: all from one source including maintenance and services as well as warranty for the complete system.

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