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Compact Air Dryer



The compact air dryer series meets the needs of certain low flow applications where very dry compressed air is required, i.e., atmospheric dew point of minus 50°F or lower. Designed to minimize space, the shoebox size unit is easily installed in tight spaces. The self-regenerative air dryer can be operated continuously at flow rates ranging from 0-0.5 scfm up to 0-6 scfm at minimum inlet pressures of 80 psig. Easy installation requires only inlet and outlet air connections and plug-in to an electric outlet.

  • Minimum Maintenance – Simplicity of design, few moving parts, selfregenerating desiccant tanks
  • Instant Dry Air – No warm-up time
  • Low Dew Point – Down to -100°F
  • Quiet Operation – Exhaust muffler
  • Long Life Desiccant – Under normal conditions, the desiccant material does not require replacement
  • Metal Bowl Guard – Transparent bowls
  • Electric Plug/Cord – 10 ft. cord with 3-prong plug

  • Pipe rust eliminated
  • Longer tool and instrument life
  • Drier air than in refrigeration systems
  • No heat wasted
  • No electrical hazards
  • Condensate eliminated
  • Water vapor virtually nonexistent

  • Instrument air systems
  • Dental/medical equipment
  • Industrial pneumatic controls
  • Air bearing systems
  • Pneumatic controls in sub-freezing environments
  • Air operated vacuum pickups
  • Fluidics/MPL controls
  • Cyrogenics
  • Sub-freezing air blow-off jets
  • Paint spray guns
  • Microwave air guides

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