- Model OMVa - Compact Ozone System


Ozone capacity 5 – 70 g ozone/h. The OZONFILT Compact OMVa is a complete, ready-to-use ozone system solution for the generation and metering of ozone. The components are perfectly coordinated to each other.

Individually adaptable thanks to modular construction

The ozone system OZONFILT Compact OMVa has a modular construction mounted on a stainless steel frame. It can therefore be simply adapted to and integrated in the respective application.

A sufficient quantity and constant concentration of ozonised water is produced in the system's reaction tank. From there it is pumped to where it is needed. The required ozone concentration can be adjusted and is continuously controlled and held constant by a measuring and control circuit. Depending on the application, the ozonised water is pumped by system pressure or with one or more discharge pumps to where it is needed.

With the removal and replenishment of water in the storage tank, the air, which contains ozone, is discharged out via the water phase and via a residual ozone gas destructor. Ensure that no ozoneSignificantly less environmentally harmful by-products result from the generation and use of ozone.

  • Excellent process reliability through the use of a pre-assembled, complete ozone treatment stage with perfectly coordinated components.
  • Well-thought-out installation on a stainless steel frame for plug-and-play connection
  • Modular construction which can still be customised
  • Compression-proof ozone generator built in compliance with DIN 19627
  • Destruction of residual ozone gas for the removal of traces of ozone gas
  • Room air monitoring for traces of ozone gas via a gas detector with a sensor with long-term stability

  • Central control unit
  • Ozone generation
  • Reaction tank
  • Discharge system
  • Ozone mixing unit
  • Residual ozone gas destruction
  • Room air monitoring
Available Options:
  • 1 or 2 discharge pumps for pumping of ozonised water to where it is used
  • Cooling water chiller for supply of chilled water to the ozone system
  • Air conditioning unit for air conditioning of the ozone system and central control cabinet
  • Storage tank cleaning with built-in atomizer including valve combination

Ozone generation module, built in accordance with DIN 19627:

The ozone is produced with an OZONFILT OZVa or OZMa in a pressure-resistant ozone generator using an electronically produced and regulated medium frequency.

Central control unit module

A central control unit manages the entire process and ensures ozone metering dependent on the measured value. A panel visualises the entire process, thereby simplifying operation. A high-quality control for industrial applications (Siemens S7-300 with TP 177 B) permits varied signal exchange with higher-level management systems.

Discharge system module

As soon as the ozone concentration setpoint has been reached, the ozonised water is pumped on-demand to where it is needed. This is done by the pump or a discharge system with one or more discharge pumps.

Ozone mixing module:

This module comprises an ozone metering point and a downstream mixing section made of stainless steel, with a series of static mixing elements for intensive mixing of the ozone/air mix with the water to be treated. The lines carrying the ozone, and the pipework from the raw water connection to the inlet to the reaction tank are made throughout in stainless steel and have been factory-pressure tested.

An injector for sucking out the ozone is not needed with back pressures of up to 1.8 bar because the ozone is generated at positive pressure.

Reaction tank module:

The stainless steel reaction tank incorporates all the necessary fittings for water distribution and an automatic bleed valve. The ozone generation module, residual ozone gas destructor module and room air monitoring module are mounted on this storage tank.

Residual ozone gas destruction module:

The residual ozone gas destruction module has an integrated water separator to remove any traces of ozone gas in the exhaust air coming from the reaction tank.

Room air monitoring module:

The room air is monitored for traces of ozone gas using a calibrated gas detector with a long-term stable electrochemical sensor.

If the alarm threshold is exceeded, ozone generation is stopped and an alarm signalled. A buzzer is activated at the same time.

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