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Model CVTG-2 - Compact Video Text Generator for Inspection Programs



Compact and low cost single board b&w video text overlay (16 lines/30 characters) with standard PS/2-keyboard interface, 100 fix text lines, 10 fix text pages, optional serial interface for communication to CCTV-inspection programs, communication DLL available for simple and time saving implementation into third party programs, freeware CCTV-inspection program PIPEX+ available from PS hard- & software GmbH, programmable character set, code pages 1250-1258, languages available German, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and others on request, configuration program VTG2G for complete setup of the component board characteristics

Video text overlay board for camera inspection and robot systems

  • b&w video text overlay of max. 16 lines with 30 characters and PS/2-keyboard interface with internal video signal generation for operation without video input signal
  • programmable character set with language specific special characters Windows code pages 1250-1257 (Eastern Europe, Cyrillian, ANSI, Greek, Turk, Hebrew, Arabic, Baltic) others on request
  • 2x video inputs, 4x video outputs
    video gain adjustment via software
  • automatic PAL/NTSC-video signal detection
  • up to 3 status line configurable with each 3 fields for measured values (max. 36 measured values)
  • date, time with battery powered real time clock
  • 32-bit quadrature encoder input with programmable linear factor or characteristic for nonlinear counter
  • store and recall of 100 fix texts and 10 fix pages of text
  • languages available czechian, polish, hungarian, romanian, serbian, german, english, dutch, french, spanish, italian, polish, swedish, norwegian, danish, finish, russian, greek others on request
  • Windows setup program for OEM-configuration of the board features
  • measures 90 x 55 x 10 mm
  • power supply 5VDC, 330mA standard configuration, 7-32VDC, 160mA @ 12V with option wide range input power supply
  • for all incremental encoders with 5-24VDC level signal output, power supply of +5VDC available on board
  • all connections made over 40-pole ribbon cable connector
  • optional wide range input power supply, connector

  • optional serial camera/robot control interface
    to read data from the system
  • connector compatible with metre counter VMC-3 for simple upgrading

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