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A3 distributes nrw Anlagentechnik (“Contec”) coarse and fine screens in North America. Several screen components are manufactured at our Pittsburgh, PA facility.

Contec screens are one of the most efficient, durable, and cost effective screens on the market. Contec screens have been installed for over 30 years in hundreds of installations for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications worldwide including approximately 160 installations for MBR plants.

All screen models are fully enclosed with perforated plates between 0.6 - 15 mm and can be ordered in either 304 or 316 stainless steel. The equipment is driven by powerful three-phase motors with IP 65 enclosures. Drive units are available for all standard power supplies and available in explosion-, flame- or flood-proof models.

Contec screens reliably remove all of the non- biodegradable coarse material from the wastewater treatment plant effluent. The size range of such material includes beverage cans and bottle caps, personal hygiene products, plastic items, and fibrous material such as hair.

Wastewater enters the screen at a flanged inlet and flows into a horizontal semicircular perforated screen panel. The perforation size is chosen according to the individual separation requirements. The screen panel retains the solids, and the screened water flows by gravity into an outlet or open channel, or, if desired, into a collection sump with an outlet flange.

A set of slowly rotating brushes attached to a central shaft transports the solids from the top of the perforated plate to an ejection slot. A mechanical scraper cleans the brushes without an additional drive. If requested, a screw conveyor and screening press can be added to the screenings ejection slot. Another alternative is to add a simple screenings chute, which feeds the solids into a container.

Additional optional features include: Flanged collection sump, level switch for overflow detection, exterior lubrication connection, grease cartridge system for automatic lubrication, heating system for outdoor installations in cold climates, cleaning spray nozzles, and bagging system.

The unique construction of the Contec screens guarantees an exceptionally high separation rate for floating solids, settling sediments, suspended solids, and fibrous materials.

The operation of Contec screens is reliable and efficient, and is independent of varying operating conditions or disruptions in feed flow. Even if the flow runs dry, the service life of the adjustable brushes is only minimally affected. An equipment service life of up to 40,000 operating hours is not uncommon. Contec screens also operate reliably under winter conditions due to the heating system.

Contec screens are fully automated and almost maintenance free; constant monitoring of the screens is not necessary.

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