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We pride ourselves in providing a cost effective Green alternative to trash cans. Our compactor is designed to replace traditional trash cans and helps eliminate the need to empty during peak business hours.

Our Dining Room model is the ideal choice for Quick Serve Restaurants, Malls, Cafeterias and Food Courts where quiet, reliable operation is a must. This compactor can reduce the volume of waste up to 75%. The automated door provides a hands free experience reducing the concern about surface germs found on trash cans for your customers. We also offer a service package that provides custom trash bags, scheduled maintenance, and 24/7 technical support. Restaurant, Mall, Cafeteria or Food Court operators can focus more time on higher priority tasks while providing a Green alternative which makes customers feel good about helping the environment.


  •  Electric versus hydraulic operation 
  •  Quiet operation; Compaction cycle operates at 64 decibels
  •  8-9 sec compaction cycle
  •  Durable, customizable exterior 
  •  Plastic lined interior for easy, efficient cleaning 
  •  Programmable smart machine to meet varying customer requirements

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