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Model OMB CWS - Compactor



TRANSFER STATIONS? NO THANKS! Since many years the CWS system is an integral part of the range OMB based on a patent of its property.
This vehicle represents the most advanced solution of the automatic collection systems proposed by OMB

The CWS is the answer to two important phases of waste cycle:

  • collection
  • integrated transport to final disposal (landfill, incinerator, treatment plant)

Once achieved the maximum load, conventional side- or rear-loaded compactors are used directly for the transportation of waste to final destinations.

Most of their operating time is therefore intended not for the collection, but for the transport of waste. This represents an unnecessary inefficiency. The main feature of the CWS is in fact of being able to focus exclusively on its function of automatic vehicle designed for the collection of stationary containers, leaving the phase of transport to other vehicles specialized in this activity.

All this is possible thanks to the particular configuration of the CWS body. The body is in fact not fixed to the structure of the chassis, but it is mobile and can be 'rolled-off'. The only part fixed on the chassis is the loading hopper and the compaction system. The CWS realizes the process of waste collection, leaving other vehicles to carry out the transport during different and more appropriate times of the day (e.g. during the night, so not to congest city traffic or to reduce transfer times)

The biggest advantage of this system is then represented by the efficiency and continuity between the phase of collection and the phase of transport, bringing considerable savings in terms of quantities collected per shift, especially if the final destinations are located at great distances from the collection area.

The place necessary for the discharge of a full body and the load of an empty body is extremely limited and does not require any investment for specific facilities.  Moreover, the procedure is completed in a few minutes. All this avoids the need of expensive transfer systems that have always been the classic solution of the problem.
Once full the 'body' can be:

  • discharged to the ground and handled by any vehicle equipped with a hook
  • transferred directly to a hook-lift vehicle, also with trailer
  • emptied by tipping the body.

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