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- Pressurization Pump Unit



Pressurization unit with an electric submersible ID5. Power supply 230V single-phase or three-phase 400V. The groups COMPACT pressurization systems are made with a submersible pump type ID5 with single or three phase electric motor. The system integrates into a single unit the storage tank, the pump. the hydraulic and electrical accessories . The units are suitable for use in civil installations. industrial. The drive system uses pressure control.

Limits of Use

  • Clean liquids not containing abrasive particles and chemically aggressive
  • Max temperature of liquid 40° C
  • Maximum temperature 40° C environment
  • Maximum allowable pressure 10 bar
  • If you need to use groups with demineralized water or deionized water, specifications to our technical department.


  • Submersible IDS
  • 500 liter tank, possibility of increasing the capacity of the water supply by replacing the tank with a
  • higher capacity..
  • Shut-off valve,
  • Non-return valve,
  • Solenoid valve for the restoration of the water supply,
  • Glycerine pressure gauge,
  • Float mechanical safety,
  • Electric float against dry running .
  • Float level electrical

Only P Version:

  • Pressure switch
  • Electronic control panel built to IEC standards and wired inside plastic case

Only Ev Version:

  • Inverter EasyVar designed for wall mounting Pressure Transducer

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