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- Complete Mix Anaerobic Digester System



COCCUS is a complete mix anaerobic digester designed to run at the mesophillic temperature range. It is designed for input materials with low solids content (between 8 – 12%). The tank is a reinforced concrete design with 2 or 3 large REMEX paddle mixers. The drive motor of the mixer is mounted onto the outside wall of COCCUS so that only the polyamide bearings are located inside the fermenter. The tank is heated through hydronic heating installed onto the interior tank wall. Biological desulfurization is integrated into the wooden roof structure of the gas storage which provides for a cost effective removal of a large part of the hydrogen sulfide.

COCCUS Farm is designed for farm operations with larger animal herds that do not also have solid input material available. For very large farm operations, the COCCUS Titan provides a plant system with endless size potential.COCCUS Titan

COCCUS Titan is designed for large industrial scale biogas plants. Multiple COCCUS tanks are usually combined to process large amounts of feedstock material with low solids content.

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