Moab Bit & Tool Co., Inc.

Moab Bit & Tool Co., Inc.

Model RMB TR53 - Completion Tricone Bits



Medium Soft Formations. The TR53 design utilizes the same cone structure as the TR51 but with all conical shaped inserts for efficient drilling in medium soft formations such as shale, sandstone, and alluvial deposits. This design employs the same maximum offset as the TR51; however, the conical shaped inserts provide greater wear resistance in the harder formations for which the bit is designed to drill. Ample hardfacing is applied to the shirttail providing maximum protection against abrasion and insures the longest possible bearing life. The most effective weight range varies from 1,5000 to 5,000 pounds per inch of bit diameter, while rotary speeds of 175 to 50 RPM give best performance. Rotary speed should be decreased as weight is increased.

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