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Complex Forged Shapes


For more than a century, Scot Forge has been a leader in providing forged solutions for complex, intricate shapes. To continue this tradition we provide a dedicated forge development team with over 100 years of combined hands-on experience, coupled with the latest simulation software to offer unique solutions. Collaborating closely with customers, the team runs sophisticated simulation and modeling software to tailor a forging process that yields the desired finished complex forged shape while also optimizing speed and cost savings. The software also allows for process validation prior to actual manufacturing, reducing risk and ensuring the success of each project. Through our combined capabilities, we can truly make possible what was previously thought impossible.

Forged stepdown shafts with dimensional uniformity normally found on rough machined partsOur skilled craftsmen produce precision forged spindles with dimensional uniformity that other shops can achieve only by rough machining.

Square-ended rough machined sugar mill shaftThe process begins when an entire piece is forged to the major diameter and a fuller tool is used to mark the next step. Then we forge that next step to a smaller diameter or taper to create contoured, directional grain flow, thereby giving the part greater strength and fatigue resistance.

Square-ended rough machined sugar mill shaftOur Clinton, Wisconsin plant specializes in custom flanged-end spindles with heads that are upset in a variety of shapes, including single, tapered, or multiple diameter.

In addition, Scot Forge's spindle forging capabilities provide significant cost and material savings when compared to machined bar spindle production. Scot Forge can supply spindles precision forged or rough machined, which can also be drilled, bored or trepanned if required.

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