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Shale shakers have been the backbone of any solids control system used in drilling rig operations.  Company’s in oil & gas, trenchless, microtunnelling, geothermal, foundation construction, and water well utilize shakers to manage waste solids to recover drilling fluid or water, increase productivity and reduced disposal costs.  Elgin’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) shaker screens focus on the needs of today’s drilling contractor.  Elgin’s screens are API rated and tested by third party agencies to meet the stringent requirements of API RP 13C.  Elgin has also conducted a host of complementing tests including chemical immersion testing with: diesel, alpha-olefin, calcium chloride, caustic soda and kerosene.

Traditional screens are constructed using a rigid steel frame and perforated plate; in which layers of woven wire cloth are bonded with powder-coating.  New technology has advanced shaker screen construction using composite material with steel reinforcement. These changes increase strength, longevity, and performance. Elgin manufactures a complete line of composite screens.  All screens are manufactured to the exact specification of each shaker model.

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