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- Model LA3100 - Tire Bead Label Applicator



Tire Bead Label Applicators – track all tires with speed and precision. Automating the application of tire bead labels has clear productivity advantages, and with Computype you get applicators designed and engineered specifically for the tire industry. A compact LA3100 (for post-vulcanization use) or LA3200 (for vulcanization-proof labeling) is quick and easy to integrate into your production line. Each has the built-in flexibility to fit with a wide range of differing plants.

Computype has engineered two label applicators designed to apply bead labels to tires as they proceed down the production line. We developed these applicators ourselves because nothing on the market met the need of tire manufacturers. And now, the applicators improve efficiencies and reduce costs in every facility in which they’re installed.

The LA3100 label applicator has been designed to rapidly and consistently apply bead labels. Integrating seamlessly into your current workflow with a small footprint and a wide range of additional options, this applicator can improve the throughput of any production line.

  • Compact, custom-engineered automation system
  • High speed, and matched to your throughput requirements
  • Precisely-positioned applicator tamp mechanism
  • Sturdy design for demanding tire manufacturing processes
  • Turnkey system integration

  • Fits into your existing production line with minimal alterations
  • Labor savings and productivity gains
  • High rates of barcode readability lead to reduced downtime
  • High system availability for continuous operation
  • Diminished commission costs from a single solution supplier

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