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Model Groove End - Concentric - Butterfly Valves Soft Seated



The grooved coupling system provides secure, simple and fast connection. Neither welding nor adapter flange are required. Grooved butterfly valve is suitable for water and particularly for fire protection systems. The EPDM vulcanised disc provides perfect sealing and low operating torque. Is the lightest pipe to valve connection solution. Fast and easy mounting or dismounting. Possible adaptation on every type of pipe. A perfect alignment of the valve and pipe is not required in the assembly; some flexibility is allowed. Low pressure drop thanks to the aerodynamic disc. Bi-directional sealing.


DN.50mm (2”) – 300mm (12”)
PN 10, 16


Body: Ductile iron,  epoxy/ rilsan internally and externally coated
Disc: CF-8M/ GJS500.7 vulcanised
Sealing: EPDM/ NBR
Shaft: AISI 420

Fire protection systems
Water: irrigation, potable water, sea water, water supply, pumping station, industrial water, waste water
Heating, air conditioning
Compressed air
Cooling tower, equipment cooling, waste treatment , general plant services, dewatering, turbine cooling, drain lines, fuel oil, chemical cleaning

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