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- Aerotech Smoke Wand


This smoke generator was designed to facilitate the observation of air movements and air tracing in many types of air flow situations, primarily in wind tunnels and air flow visualisation tests in clean rooms / laboratories. The unit is easily transported, has a rapid warm up time and simple to set up and use, and produces a controllable, non hazardous smoke effect. The Concept Aerotech Smoke Wand produces a point source of smoke on the end of a 425mm long stainless steel 'wand'. Commonly used when a very precise point source of aerosol smoke is required.

The Smoke generator is now available in stainless steel for clean rooms and laboratories. The smoke is produced by peristaltically pumping an innocuous, medicinal quality white oil to the tip of a probe, where a low voltage electrical coil heats it to produce a dense plume of smoke, at exactly the point where it is needed.

The probe is shaped to minimise wake generation, ensuring that the smoke can be entrained into the airstream smoothly. A stable and clearly defined plume of smoke up to 5m in length can be generated at airspeeds up to 90m/sec (200mph).

  • Available in Stainless Steel
  • Perfect for wind tunnel & clean room air flow visualisation
  • Clearly defined plume of smoke up to 90m/sec
  • Variable Controls, simple to operate
  • Rapid Start Up (3 minutes from switch on)
  • Low Oil Consumption & smoke oil level indicator
  • Hand held probe supplied & extension handles available to 1.8m

  • Trailing connections (oil supply & electrical): 3m
  • Weight (kg): 9.5
  • Power Supply: 230vAC 50hz
  • 110v AC 60hz optional
  • Vaporiser Power Dissipation: 90w Max (30v:3A ac)
  • Warm up time from cold: 3 minutes
  • Oil Consumption (average) / capacity: 60ml/hr / 400ml

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