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Castables are dry, granular refractory mixes which are designed to be mixed with water before installation and applicated by moldes. Castables are very suitable for molding for special shapes. Their applications are available for a wide range of industries like iron and steel, foundries, petrochemical-refining, power generating and cement. They can be used as primary material to reline furnaces, burner dreas, ladles, baffles, doors, arches, pits, covers, stack linings ets.

Hycast - Specifications
Extra strength resists chemical attack of water, acids, gases. Designed especially to be used as a nonflammable material around furnaces..

Hycast VE - Specifications
Coarse aggregate, relatively high insulating value, high strength and abrasion resistance. Typical applications are Aluminum industry furnace subhearts Cement and Lime, cold area and collectors.

Hycast GP - Specifications
Medium density general purpose material.

Hycast DE - Specifications
Extra strength resists chemical attack of water, acids, gases. Typical applications are Aluminum furnace sub hearts Cement and Lime klin cold zones, Heat Treating Furnace bases, car tops, Steel pelletizing furnaces, flues, baffles uptakes, blast furnaces uptakes, dust collectors, stove connections, reheating furnances and soaking pits subhearts Incinerators flues, stacks and ash hoppers.

Hycast DALI - Specifications
A high-strength, low content of Fe2O3 including cobalt, sulfide and vanadium material. It is resistant to the intensive media, erosion and surface abrasion. Some application areas for this material are; warming bases, convection regions and ash hoppers.

Hycast 45 - Specifications
General purpose and good resistance to abrasion.
Typical applications are small industry boilers, furnace doors and stacks.

Hycast 50 - Specifications
Minimum penetration of molten iron and aluminum, resist CO attack and carbon deposition. Typical applications are Aluminum melting and holding furnaces, Cement clinker coolers bases, Foundries ladles, Heat Treating Furnace bases, car tops, Steel pellettizing furnaces baffles coke oven doors, waste gas flues.

Hycast 60 - Specifications
Similar to those of Hycast DE, but a higher strength material.

Hycast CO - Specifications
Medium density, high strength low iron content material. Specially designed for high carbon monoxide atmospheres. Heat Treating and Annealing furnace bases and car tops Incinerators, combustion chambers. Flues and ash hoppers Steel industry coke oven doors and waste gas fees, blast furnaces wear setting plates, Power Generating industry furnaces.

Hycast S - Specifications
General purpose, low iron content having greater refractoriness comparaied those in the some range. Minimum metal penetration and resist CO attacks.Typical applications are foundries ladles, Heat Treating Annealing furnace bases, Incinerators combustion chambers, Petroche-mical and Refinery coal gasification reactors, Steel iron runners, tundish covers, soaking pit flues and recuperators.

Hycast 65 - Specifications
Extra strength 60 Alumina, materials contains low iron. Specially resistant to carbon monoxide attack and molten metal does not adhere. Aluminum melting and holding furnaces, Foundries ladles, combustion chambers are typical applications.

Hycast AB - Specifications
High abrasion resistance and strength especially between 800-1000°C. Wide applications especially in Cement, Lime, Petrochemical and Refinery industry.

Hycast AL - Specifications
Specially designed for Aluminum industry. High strength at low temperatures.

Hycast SS - Specifications
65 Alumina material, which can be used at high temperatures. Spall resistants and with stands abrasion and impact of molten metal. Typical applications are combustion chambers, Aluminum furnaces, Cement firing hoods. Foundries ladles, Refinery proses furnaces, heaters and boilers. Steel tundish covers, soaking pit covers and general purposes.

Hycast NG - Specifications
Very high strength material, resistant to thermal shocks. Typical applications are walking beam furnaces bottoms, cyclones and bends combustion chambers and tundish linings.

Hycast 70 - Specifications
Above 70 alumina content material with good resistant to abrasion, impact and erosion.A wide range of applications as a general purpose material in all industries.

Hycast 85 - Specifications
Resistant to high temperatures above 80 Alumina, have a very high strength values. Cement and Lime rotary klin firing hoods, Steel walking beam furnaces bottoms Refineries proses furnaces and heaters.

Hycast 90 - Specifications
90 Alumina based, resistant to corrosion, erosion, metal and slug with low silicate.

Hycast 90 Cr - Specifications
It is a highly resistant castable against erosion and abrasion on electrical arc furnace roofs because of slag, metal and CO gases. It includes % 90 alumina. It is tabular alumina and green chrom-oxide based.

Hycast 95 - Specifications
Contains pure tabular alumina very high purity virtually free of iron and sulfide. Very low hot load deformation extremely low silica, resist most reactive slags and metals. Typical applications are Foundries, electric arc furnace roofs, Refineries catalyist transfer lines, cyclones, feedlines ammonia plant secondry reformes and transferlines carbon black reactors, coal gasification reactors, Steel electric arc furnaces.

Hycast 95 Cr - Specifications
It is a highly resistant castable against erosion and abrasion on electrical arc furnace roofs because of slag, metal and CO gases. It includes % 95 alumina. It is tabular alumina and green chrom-oxide based.

Hycast 97 - Specifications
97 Alumina castable. High erosion and abrasion resistant. Excellent, resistance to slag and metal and CO of effect. Mainly used in induction furnace roofs, ladles, aluminum molting furcases.

Hycast SIC - Specifications
A refractory material having high percentage of Silicon Carbide, low iron oxide. Low permanent linear change and high thermal conductivity are some of its advantages. Especially used cyclone fired boilers.

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