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- Model TNKK - Condensate Water Pump



Vertical-shaft, multistage pump with diffuser. Primarily as condensate pumps in thermal power stations.

General specification

Vertical-shaft, multistage pump with diffuser.

Costructional details

Both the suction and the discharge branches are horizontal. Water flows, after the suction branches, to a suction vessel located under the floor level where the pump head is also found. An adequate suction head can thus be attained for the first stage. The pump head is held by the rising pipe which in turn rests on the floor level. The casing containing the suction-discharge branches accomodates the stuffing box and the thrust bearing while the motor support with the electric motor rests on the casing.

Medium handled

Clean cold water or warm water up to a temperature of max. 80 °C. Other liquids with a viscosity slightly differing from that of water and neutral in reaction can also be handled. Max. silt content: 200 to 300 mg/dm3.

Field of application

Primarily as condensate pumps in thermal power



Teflon-cord-packed or mechanical stuffing box.

Bearing support

Water-lubricated teflon sliding bearing at the centre of the suction bell. Deep-groove ball bearing in the motor support and a self-aligning axial roller bearing to take the axial forces. Both bearings are oil-lubricated. The bearing-housing can be cooled by water if necessary.

Main structural materials

Impeller, throttler bushing, base bushing: nonferrous metal Wearing ring, shaft sleeve: corrosion-resistant steel Pressure chamber, return passages, guide inserts, stuffing box housing, bearing housing: cast-iron Shaft: carbon steel

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