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- Model Servo Zero - Backlash Gearsets


Many Cone Drive products are available with Absolute Zero Backlash gearsets ideal for applications in which extremely accurate positioning is required. Absolute zero backlash worm gearsets have a two-piece worm, quilled together at the axial center of the worm thread. One segment of the worm is fixed in its bearing set, while the other segment is positioned laterally by adjustable-force pre-load disks, maintaining a consistent clamping force on both sides of the gear thus removing all backlash. In this self-adjusting design, half of the power input worm contacts the drive side of the gear while the other half of the worm makes continuous contact with the opposing side of the gear. The result of this design innovation is absolute zero backlash, ideal for applications in which extremely accurate positioning is required. No-load chatter and free-travel shock in reversing applications are eliminated by the pre-loading characteristics of this design.

  • Absolute zero backlash precision for extremely accurate positioning and repeatability
  • Self adjusting design to insure zero backlash
  • Eliminates no-load chatter and free travel shock in reversing applications
  • Available as loose gearset or as an assembled single stage or multiple stage gear unit

  • Center Distance: 2 inch through 32 inch (Special sizes available)
  • Gear Ratios: Available in standard ratios through 70:1 in single stage (Special ratios available)

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