- Model DC Series - Compaction Plates Machine


Utilizing its exclusive dual counterweight design, the Coneqtec line of compaction equipment offers the ultimate in compaction efficiency while reducing the vibration transfer to your host unit. Based on technology long used in the walk behind compaction plate industry, the dual counterweight design provides true vertical compaction force while eliminating the horizontal forces other compactors transfer back to the host machine.

Removable counterweight for bench disassembly and componetized construction eliminates the need for daily grease intervals since the internal components are lubricated by a continuous oil bath.

The focused vertical compaction force and reduction in vibration transfer make the Coneqtec compaction plates a perfect match for your small to medium size excavators and backhoes.

An additional feature is the specially formed front up that allows the plate to be used for back dragging and leveling prior to compaction. This allows the leveling and compaction process to be completed with one unit. The 73' width extends past the edge of the tires to allow grading and compaction close to buildings or other obstacles. Complete with mounting pins. Dealer must supply hoses from compaction plate to couplers.

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