- Model LPB Series - Low Profile Pick-Up Broom


The Low Profile Pick-Up Broom includes many features to fit your needs.Low Profile High Efficiency - Maximizing efficiency in the forward sweeping direction, the low profile brush easily lifts the swept material over the brush. Operation in either forward to rearward direction.Low Profile High Visibility - Improves efficiency along with greatly increasing visibility of road surface over front of the broom.

Surface Following Design - Coneqtec/Universal sweeper buckets are all designed using the proven floating brush design allowing the brush to follow road surface for better sweeping action.

Dual Direction Hydraulic Drive - Powered by a dual direction direct drive system that uses a hydraulic motor to drive the broom at the appropriate speed. This feature allows for both over the brush sweeping in the forward direction or dust pan style sweeping in the rearward direction.

High Density Oriented Strand Bristles - High density low profile brush is constructed in a unique process that orients each bristle with its heaviest and stiffest side in the direction of rotation for improved sweeping action.

Easy Brush Height Adjustment - Allows quick and precise adjustment of the brush height to maximize sweeping efficiency and provides maximum life of the bristles.

Options - Coneqtec/Universal pickup buckets can be equipped with a wide range of options including gutter broom, caster wheels, sprinkler system, brush type and configuration.

Available in 60' and 72' widths.

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