Sullivan-Palatek Inc

Construction Site Electric Rental Air Compressor


Six versatile models are available in 50 hp (200cfm), 100hp (440cfm), 200hp (750cfm), 250hp (900cfm), 350hp and 400hp (1490cfm) packages. The Sullivan-Palatek ECC packages are designed for many applications from plant air to rugged job sites.

The ECC compressors have reliable analog control systems, TEFC motors, containment bases, lift bails and are skid mounted. They can be used in place of diesel compressors where electric power is offered, providing varying pressures for plant air to sandblasting and clean operation without needed refueling and frequent oil changes. 

The units are provided with electric Phase Reversal and warning light, Aftercoolers, Cam-Lok connectors, Wye Delta starters and full gauge panel and more.

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