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Kuenz offers innovative and efficient solutions for container transfer and handling of intermodal operations, by rail – road – or river, automated stacking cranes for harbour and rail yard operation, including our own custom designed and manufactured spreaders.
Due to numerous successful Kuenz installations at intermodal terminals, Kuenz is today the market leader in Europe and North America.

High performance, reliability, low operating and maintenance costs, careful handling of containers and goods, in particular fragile and dangerous goods, are the main criteria for choosing the correct handling solution.

Kuenz Containercranes perform day by day fail-safe. To ensure this fact into the future, Kuenz sets value on highest product and service quality as well as on the highest stage of our engineering efforts. Kuenz develops, designs and manufactures all of the main components such as the hoist, the patent-registered gantry drive, Spreader etc., in-house, which guarantees the maximum safety and efficiency for our customers.


The rail mounted container gantry cranes are designed as a two-girder bridge. The steel construction of the gantry consists of the hinged post, the fixed post and the main girders with suspension. The hoisting rope reeving for the container hoisting gear is executed as a rigid rope-tower. This system enables swing-free travel in gantry and trolley direction, as well as with the slewing gear.

Patented Technology by Kuenz - rotating travelling gear:

The lifetime of the wheels is limited by the wear of the wheel flanges. This wear is caused by off-track running of the wheels. Tolerances and temperature changes affect the amount of wear caused by off-track running. The patented Kuenz solution allows for swivelling of the travel unit in the horizontal direction to compensate for any inclination of the travel unit. That means: all wheels are running on the track. Stabilizers on both sides of the travel unit make it possible for optimized transmission of the forces to the steel structure. This solution enables a major wear-reduction of the wheel flanges, which means a significant increase in the lifetime of the wheels.

Redundant systems enable high availability of the cranes. 

Our in-house developed and supported crane management system (CMS) with integrated remote fault finding function guarantees optimized support for maintenance and operation.  

Efficient handling with Kuenz is consequently ensured.


Sophisticated Kuenz concepts for fully automated operation as well as preventive maintenance guarantee a smooth operation in stack stores.


Kuenz is one of a few crane suppliers, who manufactures its own spreaders. The benefits are obvious:

Container crane and spreader by Kuenz result in a perfectly coordinated total package. The Kuenz spreader is electrical integrated to the crane. The Crane Management System acceses the spreader. Mechanical and elctrical integration ensures a high level of safety.

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