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Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant


Cleaning the waste water treatment plant STM is the result of a successful interaction freely vznášeného activated sludge and fixed prisedlého activated sludge rotating activating surfaces aerotoru (biokontaktoru). Aerobic microorganisms are present in a wide range of diverse properties. The effect of the action of free vznášeného sludge and sludge prisedlého is firmly linked in a single simultaneous biological processes. This process takes place in a conventional activated sludge tank equipped with a cycle of return sludge. Performance of conventional aeration tank activated sludge may be so because of the higher concentration of the activated sludge in suspension and in addition prisedlého sludge activation surfaces aerotoru noticeably increased. The STM  is due to a combination of two method for biological treatment of waste water in one tank highly effective.

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