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- Model 3000 - Continuous Emission Monitoring System


TheCEMSentry™3000 is a state-of-the-art, Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) that utilizes a variety of analytical techniques specific to the gases to be monitored and specialized sample transport and conditioning equipment designed for each specific application. The CEMSentry™3000 CEMS is utilized throughout many industries for either regulatory compliance monitoring or process control/optimization. EachCEMSentry™3000 is guaranteed to meet regulatory standards for compliance with your facilities air permit.


All analytical instrumentation, gas conditioning and sample transport components used are state-of-the-art. Typical gases analyzed would include SO2, NOx, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, O2, THC, CH4, C2H6 and others such as NH3, H2S, HCL, HAP's and many more utilizing a variety of other analytical techniques as described below.


Custom Shelters

CEMSentry™ industrial shelters are temperature controlled, insulated standalone industrial grade buildings used to protect instrumentation in harsh environments and or provide for closer proximity to sampling locations, ease of maintenance and/or provide for a local DAS workstation.



The CEMSentry™3000 CEM systems can be installed inside an industrial shelter, wall-mounted or open panel mount configurations or free-standing 19' rack enclosures for your control room or on the production floor.


The CEMSentry™3000 is available in an extractive or dilution extractive configurations. The extractive system incorporates standard components comprised of; heated sample probe, heated sample transport line, gas conditioning, flow controls, analyzers and data acquisition. The sample is extracted via the probe heated filter assembly and transported in a heated Teflon sample line to ensure gases are maintained above dew point prior to delivery to the gas conditioner. The gas conditioner removes all moisture and filters any fine particulates prior to introduction to the gas analyzers. The analyzers then transmit data representative of the gas concentrations to the Windows based computerized data acquisition system (DAS) or data recorder. The DAS will control auto calibration and compile, calculate, alarm, report and store data in the appropriate formats required for compliance purposes.

Dilution systems are also available for thse applications where high concentrations of pollutants are present or highly reactive gases are to be measured. We provide a dilution probe and probe controller for extracting the diluted gases for transport to the analyzers. These systems are typically used in the power generation industry. 

Each CEMSentry™3000 integrates the highest quality, components and data acquisition to engineer a guaranteed compliant and reliable monitoring system that will provide many years of service. The CEMSentry™3000 can be purchased as a standalone system or with additional process monitoring parameters, e.g. steam, KW, MW, fuel flow, temperatures, stack flow and others.

Opacity monitoring for visible smoke emissions and NOx converters for ammonia slip monitoring on SCR’s. Particulate monitors, mercury monitoring and insitu oxygen monitoring for combustion efficiency control to reduce fuel costs and NOx emissions in applications such as boilers, reheat furnaces, glass furnaces, chemical, petrochemical, furnaces, reformers and incineration.

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