Continuous Emission Monitoring System

CEMS has four basic parts: the dust monitoring subsystem, gaseous pollutants monitoring subsystem, flue gas parameter monitoring subsystem, system control and data acquisition and processing subsystem. It can monitor SO2, NOx, O2, dust, temperature, pressure, flow rate and other parameters such as HCl, HF, CO, CO2 for a particular occasion. After dedusting by sampling probe, sampling by heating pipe, the measured gas is analyzed by the hot gas analysis module (TDLAS and DOAS technique). It is an effective solution to the technical problem that absorption of SO2 by condensation water leads to low measuring data. Especially in low concentration measurement occasions, it has incomparable advantages.

Apply to exhaust emission monitoring and process control such as coal-fired power plants, garbage power plant, cement, glass, lime factory, ceramics factory, sinter, coke oven, desulfurization, denitration technology and etc.

Measuring Technique DOAS(SO2?NOx),Electrochemistry(O2)
Measuring Range SO2?NOx: (0-20ppm)~(0-100%),
Humidity 0~40%
Dust (0-50mg/m3)~(0-50g/m3)
Flow Velocity 0~40m/s(Customizable)
Temperature 0~300?(Customizable)
Pressure -10kPa~+10kPa(Customizable)
Size 600mm×600mm×1800mm
Heating Pipe, Probe Temp. 120?~180?
Enclosure Rating IP65
Power Supply 220VAC, 5000W
Working Temp. -10?~+40?
Working Humity 0~95%RH
Compressed Air Requirement (0.4-0.8)MPa, 0.25m3/min,clean, without oil or water

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