Model MIR-FTIR - Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)



Measurement Technique: Installed across the majority of the UK’s municipal waste incinerators, the MIR-FT Utilises Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FT-IR) to offer multiple gas measurements simultaneously, including NO, NO2, SO2, NH3, HCl and CO. With the emissions limits tightening and new gases being introduced, this instrument allows future gas upgrades, providing the solution for today and what may happen tomorrow.

Designed to operate under legislation such as 2000/76/EC (WID) and 2001/80/EC (LCPD), The MIR-9000 offers maximum availability and complete compliance with QAL 1 of EN14181

The MIR-FT would be rack mounted in air conditioned enclosures.

Complete systems would normally comprise of:

  • Sample extraction and conditioning probe (with integrated temperature, pressure and flow measurement)
  • Heated sample lines
  • Automatic calibration units
  • Instrument Air drying system
  • CDAS Data Acquisition Software

Dual Redundancy System - Under WID, the maximum allowable period for any one episode of abatement or equipment failure must not exceed four hours. Additionally, the total allowance period in a year must not exceed sixty hours.

The a1-cbiss duplex philosophy has therefore been specifically developed to assist you in complying with WID/LCPD by reducing downtime, maximising availability and ensuring you achieve a sound return on your investment.

  • Designed for measurements in wet and corrosive sample gases
  • Future upgrades possible
  • Excellent calibration stability
  • Automatic spectral interference corrections
  • Fast and simultaneous measurements for multiple gases
  • Reproducible and accurate
  • Windows based PC driven software with on-board data acquisition
  • Capable of automatic QAL 3 checks when used in conjuction with IVIS unit
  • MCERTS Certified

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