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Continuous Fluid-Beds



Applied Chemical Technology, Inc. Continuous Fluid-Beds offer non-stop production capabilities for almost unlimited process application. Our versatile range of fluid-bed sizes can meet any need, from research and development operations to full-scale production plants. Bring the unique advantages of ACT fluid-bed technology to your process with a Continuous Fluid-Bed from Applied Chemical Technology.

  • ACT's exclusive air distribution plenum for even fluidization
  • Replaceable distributor plate

Standard plate punched to your materials requirement
Wide range of open areas

  • Adjustable material retention drum

1' height increments, up to 12' total bed depth

  • Differential pressure qauge
  • Multi-functional removable access door

View port
Sample port (atmospheric operation only)

  • Window at discharge end
  • Bolted plenum access door
  • Wash out drain
  • End air feed
  • Pressure ±20' water column
  • Handles material up to 90 lb/ft² bulk density
  • Up to 250° F operating temperature standard
  • Can be configured under positive, negative or atmospheric pressures
  • Carbon steel construction, primed and painted
  • Mounting lugs


ACT's Continuous Fluid-Beds are ideal for a wide range of process applications including:

  • Coating
  • Drying
  • Reacting
  • Granulating
  • Agglomerating
  • Spray Drying
  • Heating
  • Conveying
  • Impregnating
  • Prilling
  • Sizing
  • Cooling

  • High temperature gaskets and seals

Support operating temperatures up to 700° F

  • Feed distribution system

Evenly dispenses material across screen
Optional air spreaders

  • Alternate distributor plates (wide range of open area)

V-wire plated for added durability and alternate flow patterns
Porous metal plates
Directional punched plates
Specialty punched plated

  • Custom internals
  • Wurster spouting tubes
  • Special internals to prevent forward mixing
  • Sampling ports

Self-sealing thief ports for pressure options
Sample ports for atmospheric operations

  • Additional view ports and access doors
  • Quick opening plenum access door
  • External actuated dump

Manual or automatic

  • Steam cleaners
  • Side or bottom air feed
  • Zone plenum for multiple air temperature operation

Allow heating and cooling in the same unit

  • Unit available without plenum for negative pressure operation
  • Air flow and temperature instrumentation controls
  • Automation with full integration into your process operations
  • Complete spray system accessories

Pumps, filters, nozzles, piping,etc.
Top, bottom, or side mounted

  • Explosion proof rating
  • Steam jacketed bed chamber
  • Custom internal finishing/coating
  • Structural steel support
  • Specialty access platform
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Custom Parts

ACT maintains a fully equipped laboratory and pilot plant for testing to help determine the best system for your needs. We also offer lease units and technical assistance for testing operations at your location.


ACT maintains a full staff of chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineers and designers who can custom design your fluid bed for an unlimited range of process requirements, from extreme temperature operations to hazardous materials processing. Your custom modifications could include:

  • Design for material over 90 lb/ft² buld density
  • Design for high temprature operations

1400° F and above

  • Design for cryogenic operations
  • Custom construction materials such as Hastelloy©, Iconel© and other exotic medals
  • Custom dimensions
  • Custom shape
  • Flared disengaging for low profile units
  • Complete systems including blowers, ducts, heaters/coolers, condensers, mist eliminators, inert gas operation, recirculation systems, emissions controls, etc...

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