- Model CMS-4000 - Continuous Monitoring System


The CMS-4000 is a simple, reliable tool to measure petroleum hydrocarbons in water. With no moving parts and corrosion protected components, the system can be utilized in many different applications.

The CMS-4000 detects the presence of petroleum hydrocarbons in water using the patented Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor (FOCS®). The FOCS probe takes advantage of the interaction between the light traveling through a fiber and a water solution containing petroleum hydrocarbons. As the concentration of hydrocarbons increases, the light scattered from the proprietary probe fiber increases in a quantitative relationship. The probe output is monitored by a controller that has 0-5 volt or 4-20 mA output and remote access capability. The system can monitor up to four (4) probes.

The probe is intrinsically safe and designed to be remotely mounted in hazardous locations.

  • Process water
  • Waste water
  • Oil field produced water
  • Separation vessel effluent
  • Storm water run-off
  • Bilge and ballast water
  • Groundwater remediation monitoring
  • Carbon filter bed breakthrough
  • Heat exchanger leak detection

  • Reliable tool that measures petroleum hydrocarbons in water
  • Used in applications where Web connection is NOT required
  • Used where logger needs to communicate with other equipment in the plant
  • Continuous data collection and recording
  • Intrinsically safe probe network*
  • Analog (V or mA) output
  • Connect up to four (4) DHP hydrocarbon probes
  • Real time remote monitoring

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