Control and Indicating Equipment


Compatible with the detectors of the same series, which also serves to identify the events by area: fire alarm, fault ... its use is suitable for small buildings where surveillance of the fire is reduced to a few detection points.


They are compatible with every technology of addressable detectors and the wiring is carried out  on open lines or loop ensuring a better operation.

The advantage of such type of C.I.E.s, useful during the whole installation operations,  is that each detector is associated with an address. So is simplified the alarm point localisation, becoming readily identified. During commissioning, the connection or installation troubleshooting is faster and authenticity of the fire alarm is more effective and thereby facilitate the intervention of the fire service.

It should also be noted that, during maintenance or functioning, interventions are limited to the detectors involved in these operations, while the rest of the installation continues to function normally. Finally, the addressed C.I.E.s generally offer a wider variety of instruments: alphanumeric display, printer, detailed logs ...

Having the same characteristics of the addressable ones, they have more special features that allow them, thanks to a more advanced communication with the detectors, to adapt the behaviour of the system to the protected  environment: alarm confirmation, detection criteria, etc.  In this way the different needs of the protected area can be integrated and transformed into precise system parameters: time zones, holidays ... By controlling the parameters of his building, the user is released from a large number of operations taken over directly the detection system.

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