Altuntas A.S.

Altuntas A.S.

Control System



High temperature, Low temperature, High humidity, Low humidity, High pressure, Low pressure, Electricity cut, Sensor 1, 2, 3, 4 fault, Outer heat sensor fault, Humidity sensor fault, Pressure sensor fault, Fault input form separate panel (Digital input 0 or 1)


  • 4 internal temperature sensor
  • 1 internal temperature sensor
  • 1 humidity sensor
  • 1 carbon dioxide sensor
  • 1 water counter


  • 12 fan output, fans can be selected, minimum, transitive or tunnel ventilation output
  • Heater output
  • 2 level pump output with cooling pads
  • Valve controlled output
  • Pad valve controlled output
  • 2 lighting output
  • Alarm output


  • Easy installation with coloured touchpad
  • Minimum ventilation with daily program depending on number of animals, fan capacity and daily needs
  • Ventilation according to outer temperature and humidity.
  • Three different ventilation index (minimum, transitive, tunnel)
  • Failure logging of past data with reporting
  • Recording heat, humidity, water and heater working periods for past data
  • Controlling pad motor according to temperature, humidity and time.
  • Proportional screen control according to need
  • Ventilation with sensor 1, 2, 3, 4 or using the average of the sensors
  • Two different lighting program output
  • Easy installation with user specific parameter record
  • Sending message to cell-phone (optional additional hardware)
  • Internet based tracing with remote computer link (optional additional hardware)

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