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- Controlled Rate Rotational Rheometer



The BLACK PEARL controlled shear rate rotational rheometer is a high performance instrument capable of both steady shear and yield stress testing in a rugged yet compact footprint. Designed for performing both routine QC tests and complex R&D evaluations, the BLACK PEARL is ideal for investigating the mixing, stirring and process flow characteristics of fluid systems.

Common Applications

  • Viscosity Measurements
  • Temperature Ramps
  • Yield Stress Measurements
  • Thixotropic Recovery Tests
  • Sticky Point Determination

Key Industries

  • Oil
  • Paint, Coating and Ink
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic
  • Lubricant
  • Food

The unit comes standard with build in Peltier Temperature Control for all measuring systems. Cone and plate, parallel plate and concentric cylinder measuring systems are included. The measuring systems employ novel “quick capture” mounting technology. The gapping mechanism is highly accurate and robust.

BLACK PEARL is interfaced and controlled with powerful Windows based software. Key features include:

  • Real time display of test values
  • Automated program control
  • “Test Definition” windows to create multiple step experiments and save for quick re-runs
  • Provides instantaneous viscosity flow curves
  • Interactive graphing allows full control over displayed, printed, and plotted variables
  • User enterable data sets and data comparison
  • Simple data exportation through Windows Clipboard to Excel
  • CE certified

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