CRS Industrial Water Treatment Systems

CRS Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Conventional Activated Sludge Plant



CRS’s conventional activated sludge plants (CASP) use a combination of traditional biological processes and modern technologies to remove the unwanted components and to produce an effluent that is lower in BOD, COD, nitrogen and phosphorous.

Given sufficient aeration in the holding tank, microorganisms work to break down organic matter as a food source in order to metabolise and reproduce, forming stabilised solids and gases as side products. These solids and organisms produced become incorporated in the aeration tank as activated sludge. The mixed liquor containing water and the sludge mass is sent to a clarifier or settling tank, where the wastewater is separated from the solids which are then recycled to maintain the population of microorganisms within the system. When the sludge volume becomes too high, portions of the sludge are wasted from the system in order to maintain optimum levels.

CRS has delivered many plants based on CASP technology and is able to optimise the relevant parameters, producing high quality treated effluent as required.

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