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With a width of 1.50 m the Conver C430H is the middle one in the series of Conver mowing boats. The hull is made from 3 mm corrugated steel and divided into an engine compartment and a control compartment, separated from each other by a sound and heat-resistant bulkhead and folding cover.

Because an operator works for lengthy periods on a mowing boat, the control compartment is spacious and has several adjustable operating controls to allow the best posture for working.

The Conver C430H mowing boat comes with an industrial 4-cylinder 34 hp diesel engine. The functions of the mowing boat are all hydraulically driven.

The Conver C430H mowing boat has a single hydraulic anti-coiling auger. Due to its sturdy construction, the auger provides significant propulsion and manoeuvrability, both forwards and backwards, even in very shallow water and under the worst conditions.

All Conver mowing boats have 4 lifting eyes on the top and 1 towing eye on the nose.

The following attachments can be supplied for the C430H:

Trailing knife unit
The boat can be equipped with a single or double trailing knife installation for mowing bottom vegetation. A chain pulls a V-shaped blade (2 blades with the double unit) with a jolting movement over the bottom. Not only is the vegetation cut, part of it is pulled loose with roots and all, preventing regrowth. The working width can be set up to a maximum of 3.00 m for a single knife and 4.25 m for double knives. The trailing knife unit is hydraulically driven and has a variable working speed drive. It should be set according to the boat speed and the vegetation on the bottom.

Embankment cutting unit
The boat can be equipped with an embankment cutting unit or side cutterbar to mow the embankment of the waterways. The unit can be installed on the left as a top drive unit or on the right as a bottom drive unit. The decision depends on the shape of the slopes and whether retaining walls or piling etc. are present. The unit has a double action Busatis cutter bar of 1.20 or 1.40 m. The arm of the cutterbar can be extended by 0.40 m, mechanically or hydraulically. A slewing cylinder allows the mowing arm to be placed fully inboard. This slewing cylinder has an adjustable overpressure valve that functions as a collision safety device.

Push frame
The boat can be equipped with a push frame to collect the cut vegetation and floating debris and deposit it on the side of the waterway. The push frame is mounted on the nose of the boat. The maximum working width is 2.50 m, including two 0.50 m detachable side pieces. The frame can be supplied with has 50 cm-long flexible tines or 60 cm-long rigid front loader teeth. The lifting and dipping of the frame are hydraulically operated.

T-shaped cutting unit
To avoid damage to the bottom, which does happen when mowing underwater vegetation with a trailing knife unit, a T-shaped or also often called T-front cutterbar can be used. The unit is mounted on the nose of the boat and comes standard with hydraulic height adjustment. The T-cutter uses a double action Busatis system for both horizontal and vertical cutterbars. The horizontal cutterbar is 2.00 m wide, the vertical cutterbar 0.80, 1.20 or 1.40m, which also determines the greatest mowing depth. In standard spec the Tshaped cutting unit must be tilted manually into the transport position.

The T-front cutter unit can be optionally executed with a hydraulic swing system, so that you can mow at an angle and/or a hydraulic tilt unit enabling you to tilt the mower forwards and backwards, for instance to pass low bridges.

There are many options available to gear the standard Conver mowing boat even better to the wishes of the operator.

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