- Model MC105-6 - Aquatic Weed Harvesters



The Conver MC105-6 is the smallest in the series of aquatic weed harvesters. The machine is suitable for removing floating vegetation as well as plants that are growing underwater or other floating debris in small lakes, channels and other inland waterways.

With a hydraulic height-adjustable U-shaped cutter unit, the weed harvester can make its way through dense vegetation. The cut vegetation is taken out of the water and brought on to the deck with a open wire mesh stainless steel conveyor belt. There is a second storage conveyor belt on deck with a 7 cubic meter storage capacity.

The machine is unloaded from the front, so the operator always has an excellent view and can maintain maximum control of the machine. Harvested material can be discharged via the front conveyor belt on to the embankment or into a transport barge.

The sturdy hull of the weed harvester is made from 4 mm-thick corrugated steel and divided in3 watertight compartments. Two removable side pontoons contribute to the significant stability, shallow draught and spacious workplace for the operator.

A silent and environment-friendly built-in industrial TIER 2 diesel engine drives an efficient hydraulic system with proportional control technology.

Two durable and proven anti-coiling augers give the machine maximum propulsion and enormous maneuverability, both forwards and backwards, even in densely overgrown and shallow waterways.

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