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Coolant Belts Filter



In collaboration with leading manufacturers custom-made filter belts for coolant filtration have been developed for vacuum, pressure, suction and gravity filtration systems. The belts are tailor-made to the requirements of equipment. In addition to the innovative closure system, edge sealing, magnetic strips and transport bars are available to perfectly suit your application.

Filter media technology

Sefar’s ‘Double Layer Weave’ technology mechanically combines fine filter fabric with robust supporting fabric. When compared to traditional filter media, SEFAR TETEX DLW Coolant maintains a higher flow rate, while at the same time providing improved particle retention.

This unique filter media has become established as the successful standard for belt filters and offers the following advantages:

  • Wide range of pore sizes (40 – 100 μm)
  • High permeability offers improved filtration capacity
  • Optimum particle retention, due to the special pore design
  • Excellent cake release, due to the special surface treatment
  • Mechanical composite of filter and supporting fabric prevents delamination

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