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Cooling Circuits


In SERVYECO we are developing a full range of high performance products aimed at protecting cooling systems from episodes of corrosion, scaling and microbiological contamination. We have biocide products registered by the State Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs for the treatment and prevention of Legionnaires Disease available.

Antiscaling and Anticorrosive agents

The chemical products for controlling corrosion and scaling of the cooling circuits help to increase the efficiency of the thermal exchange, the performance of the equipment and extends the longevity of the plant. We have multi-function products available, covering all protection areas of the system with just a single product and application, as well as specific products for improving industrial performance.


Microbiological control is essential for avoiding bacterial contamination problems in systems which could affect public health and the performance of the units. For that reason, we have developed a full range of registered biocide products and required for the prevention of Legionnaires Disease, as well as other diseases regulated by extensive legislation.

Biodispersal and cleaning agents

The presence of organic and inorganic deposits reduces the flow rate of the industrial cooling systems, causing costly stoppages and favouring the microbiological contamination of the units. It is necessary to eliminate them by using specific products which allow us to maintain the installation in a perfectly preserved and clean condition.

Antifoaming agents

The range of antifoaming agents allows us to control the presence of foams, reducing surface tension and avoiding problems caused by the dragging of solid materials in suspension in the circuits and heat exchangers.

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