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- Model C100 - Cooling Tower

C100 is an economical silicate based corrosion inhibitor product for use in cooling towers operating with softened water.C100 is highly effective for eliminating the corrosion potential of softened water. High stability polymers and scale inhibitors have also been incorporated into the product to help maintain clean heat transfer surfaces through scale and corrosion prevention. The product is stable over a wide range of operational conditions and water qualities.

  • Contains one of the best scale Inhibiting Polymers Commercially available
  • Contains a Powerful Corrosion Inhibition Package to protect against the
  • Corrosive Properties of Softened Water Economical to use.

To passivate the system corrosion initially, the cooling tower should be dosed at twice the normal dosing rate for a period of approx. 5-6 days. Once this has been completed, treatment should be added to give 100-200 ppm in the system. For example, a cooling system operating at 4 cycles of concentration requires, typically,25-50 ppm of C100 to be dosed to the make-up water. Proportional dosing is recommended. The system can be controlled by measuring phosphonate reserve.

C100 should be fed continuously to any point of good mixing. Avoid feeding to stagnant areas where product concentration may become artificially elevated.

  • Appearance: Clear off white liquid
  • pH of neat solution: 11.5 – 12.5
  • Specific gravity: 1.20 – 1.30
  • Solubility: Complete miscible.

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