Water Hygiene Systems Ltd (WHS)

Water Hygiene Systems Ltd (WHS)

Model C104 - Cooling Tower Anti Foam


C104 is a potent water antifoam. This product excels at stopping foam. It is particularly good at controlling foaming created during cooling tower cleaning. The product is highly concentrated. Small amounts will prevent foaming in large systems. The product’s performance is also unaffected by overdosing.

Can prevent scale in the presence of hardness slippage due to softener malfunction.

  • a good antifoam
  • Highly concentrated
  • Unaffected by overfeed
  • low toxicity

Due to the wide variety of causes of foaming, exact dosages cannot be determined in advance. Typical dosages of 10—100 ppm are sufficie
nt. A certain amount of trial and error may be necessary to find the optimum dosage.

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