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Model HBR Series - Cooling Towers



HBR series is the result of the long experience of MITA technicians. It combines the well-known TORRAVAL’s distinguishing feature of corrosion-free products with an easy and innovative working principle,designed to reduce water and energy consumption to a minimum.. The distinctive characteristic of the HBR hybrid cooler is that it has two separate air circuits at its disposal. The system is realized thanks to the use of reversible axial ventilators and gravity overpressure opening/closing dampers.

The peculiar design of the cooler has been developed so that the two heat exchangers (smooth tube coil for wet function and finned coil for dry function) remain out of the air flow when they are in stand-by. This way it is possible to consume only the strictly necessary electric power for the function of the operating coil. Besides both coils can be preserved (when in stand-by) from fouling due to any possible dirt contained in the air which is not - moreover - thermally altered by the presence of the other heat exchanger.

The HBR series has a strong HDGS load-bearing structure, FRP sandwich panels for the casing, water collecting basin and tops in FRP. The heat exchange coil for the wet function is made of high quality smooth surface steel tubes manufactured in compliance with PED Directive 97/23/EC and hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. The heat exchange finned coil for the dry function is made of copper tubes and aluminium fins. They are located in the upper part of the unit, in vertical position, outside the cooler’s body, therefore not crossed by the wet air flow when in stand-by. The units are equipped with aluminium overpressure dampers, opening and closing depending on the airflow direction.

The standard layout of the unit includes water collection basin with sloped bottom for easy drainage and fan stacks, both made of FRP. The range includes several basic models that can satisfy cooling plant’s demands until max. 1.000 kW approximately.

Distinguishing features
Unique design on the market (European Patent pending) Peculiar geometry and parallel position of the two heat exchangers; one or more reversible ventilators; gravity aluminium overpressure dampers.

Extremely reduced consumptions.

HBR is designed in order to consume the bare minimum. Within the space of a year it exploits the most appropriate cooling method depending on the different climatic conditions.

Maximum efficiency of wet function (summer)
The fluid flows inside the smooth tubes heat exchanger and it is cooled by evaporation. The finned tubes’ coils are in stand-by and they are located outside the saturated air flow, sucked by the ventilators.
Maximum efficiency of dry function (winter)
The fluid flows inside the finned tubes heat exchangers and it is cooled by air. The smooth tube’s coil is in stand-by and it is outside the warm air flow pushed by the ventilators. Only the necessary energy for the air circulation through the finned coils is consumed.

In both cases the air flow is not influenced by the stand-by heat exchanger presence and the pressure drop is reduced.

Cost-effective control
The system is electronically controlled by a PLC. It can be supplied pre-wired on the unit’s side (in the factory), or it can be provided by the customer.

Long working life
Naturally corrosion-free materials and resistant over time.

Several solutions to simplify the access to the internal components; easy and total access to the coils.

Focus on sound emissions
Several technical solutions to reduce the noise levels measured and calculated in accordance with ISO 3744 and EN 13487 standards.

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