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- Model AS-8310 - Cooling Water Treatment Unit


AS-8310 is a field use concentrated solution. The tin based corrosion inhibitor will passivate metal surfaces to provide lower equilibrium corrosion rates and promote generalized rather than localized corrosion. Additionally, AS-8310 provides minimal nutrients to aid in bacterial growth to the system.

USE - AS-8310 is designed to be a complete treatment for both open recirculating cooling towers and closed systems. Corrosion control is obtained through tin based technology for carbon steel, and yellow metals protected using tolytriazole. Scale control is obtained through use of a phosphonate polymer. Recommended treatment dosages for open cooling water systems are 100 PPM of product or 2.2 PPM Sn based on blowdown. Recommended dosages for closed systems are 1500 PPM, or 33 PPM Sn.

DIRECTIONS - For recirculating water, a feed pump connected to a blowdown controller is recommended. For closed systems, an inline chemical pot feeder is recommended.

RECOMMENDATIONS - AS-8310 will be easiest to feed if kept neat until introduced into the system. The ideal feed arrangement is to drip the product into the cooling tower basin. For closed systems, an inline chemical pot feeder is recommended.

SAFETY & HANDLING - Please refer to MSDS before handling product.

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