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- Model 645 - Continuous Mercury Monitor (CEMs)



Cooper Environmental’s Xact 645 continuous mercury (Hg) monitor collects and analyzes emission samples for mercury, which can be measured simultaneously using patented reactive filter technology and nondestructive X-ray fluorescence (XRF). A sample of gas is extracted from a source, diluted, and drawn through a chemically reactive filter tape. Vapor phase mercury is deposited along with particulate-phase metals on the filter tape. The deposit is automatically advanced and analyzed by XRF for metals by a proven reel-to-reel tape drive, as the next sample is being collected. Sampling and analysis are performed continuously and simultaneously, except during advancement of the tape (~20 sec) and during daily automated quality assurance checks.

  • Can be upgraded to measure additional elements (such as Pb, As, Cr) without extra hardware
  • Maintenance is required only once per month
  • May be used to meet 40 CFR Part 60 and 63 regulations
  • Nondestructive analysis allows for sample archiving
  • Sensitive and reliable (ng/m3 to mg/m3 range)
  • Proven XRF technology

  • Continuous, near-real-time reporting (every 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes, in μg/dscm)
  • Incorporates an internal standard with every sample analyzed
  • Provides automatic daily upscale, blank, and flow checks
  • Relative accuracy of 3.45%
  • RATA linearity regression R² of 0.9754
  • Automatic quality assurance alarms, and control features

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