Copper Based Cleaning Nets

Copper has been used as an anti-fouling agent for hundreds of years. It is a natural substance that is essential in order to ensure the normal growth of most plants and animals.

The well-proven properties of copper, which provide general protection against fouling and have minimal effect on the environment, have made it the first choice among anti-fouling 
products. The type of copper usually 
used to prevent fouling is copper oxide (Cu2O). It is produced from recycled pipes, cables, fridges, etc. Copper oxide works against fouling caused by both algae and animals, and the 
effect lasts as long as the coating emits a sufficient level of concentration.
In the sediments, copper is quickly converted into harmless, non-bioactive compounds.

At Steen-Hansen we have developed impregnation products with so-called boosters. That means we use substances that complement copper and provide extended protection against hydroids 
and other problematic species. The combined effect of copper oxide with Econea® or CuSCN results in extra protection in the sea at the same time as it reduces the effect on the environment.

AquaNet Premium and AquaNet 360 are product series that utilise the increased effect from boosters – biocides. And they have significantly reduced copper content.

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