- Model 60 - Thermoplastic Waterproofing Membrane with Active Polymer Core



COREFLEX Consists of a thermoplastic membrane integrally bonded to a self-healing Active Polymer Core (APC). This combination of passive and active barrier technologies, along with fully welded seams, ensures superior waterproofing protection.

CoreFlex 60 is a 60 mil (1.5 mm) nominal thermoplastic membrane reinforced with a 5.0 oz weft inserted knit polyester fabric integrally bonded to an Active Polymer Core (APC). CoreFlex 60 offers the ultimate in waterproofing barrier protection technology. The barrier performance starts with a thermoplastic membrane with welded seams providing a monolithic watertight barrier layer. The thermoplastic membrane is reinforced with a weft inserted knit polyester reinforcement fabric and is produced with DuPont’s Elvaloy-KEE ® (Keytone Ethylene Ester), a solid phase high molecular weight ethylene interpolymer.

Unlike traditional liquid PVC plasticizers, the Elvaloy-KEE does not experience phase separation and migrate out; thus the membrane properties are maintained for long term performance. Elvaloy-KEE also provides superior chemical resistance properties. The Active Polymer Core layer is integrally bonded to the Elvaloy-KEE thermoplastic membrane. The APC layer is designed to activate with water to swell and form a positive seal. Thereby, at any unforeseen puncture or installation defect, the APC layer reacts at the breach, self-sealing to stop the water ingress. CoreFlex is the only welded thermoplastic membrane composite with this reactive, selfsealing performance feature.

The CoreFlex 60 waterproofing system provides waterproofing protection for structural concrete surfaces. Below-grade applications include backfilled cast-in-place concrete and masonry block foundation walls as well as property line shoring walls such as soldier pile and lagging. The membrane can be continued under the floor slab and up onto a horizontal deck to provide a continuous, uniform waterproofing system. CoreFlex 60 can be used to waterproof structures under continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure. CoreFlex 60 applications include: Plaza Decks, Split-Slab Deck Construction, Foundation Walls, Earth-Covered Structures, Property Line Construction, Under Slab, Tunnels and Greenroofs.

General: Install CoreFlex 60 Waterproofing System in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines and details using accessory products, protection and drainage layers, and overburden as specified or required. Install CoreFlex 60 with the grey APC geotextile side directly in contact with the concrete to be waterproofed. Division 3 Concrete Work should include Wat erst op-RX ® installed in all applicable horizontal and vertical concrete construction joints and around penetrations.

CoreFlex 60 is available in 54” x 50’ (1.4 m x 15 m) rolls; 54” wide thermoplastic membrane with APC layer offset by 6” (150 mm) along the long roll edge.

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