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Kurita in his continuous commitment for sustainable treatments has developed Corrsave 100, an Innovative new molecule that provides corrosion inhibition & hardness stabilization for water systems with special focus on treatments where low P (Phosphorous) and biodegradability is a demand.

Corrsave 100 is a proprietary substance produced from the reaction of a natural organic acid with a phosphorous compound. It has an improved biodegradability and is classified as inherent biodegradable. It is low toxic, non-mutagenic and non-irritant to skin or eyes. The corrosion inhibition efficiency, as well as properties important for the application in cooling systems, have been studied thoroughly in lab tests and pilot cooling systems. Since the launch of Corrsave® in 2014, these excellent results have been confirmed by numerous successful applications in the field.

Corrsave 100:

  • Is based on natural and renewable organic acids
  • Is inherent biodegradable
  • Has a high performance compared to state-of-the-art corrosion inhibitors

The traditional corrosion inhibitors for industrial cooling systems are based on phosphonates, phosphates and zinc. Some of them are known for their low biodegradability or their contribution to eutrophication. Corrsave 100 is the perfect solution in cases where the actual legislation demands a strict surveillance of P-limits and a high biodegradability is preferred.

Corrsave 100 and the formulated products Aktiphos 4170, Aktiphos 4180 and Aktiphos 4060 offers the market a unique molecule:

  • With an outstanding corrosion inhibition on carbon steel and galvanized steel
  • Excellent corrosion inhibition within a wide range of water parameters (pH, hardness, etc.)
  • Inherent biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly solution
  • Superior hardness stabilization, to avoid scale formation in cooling towers or on heat exchanger surfaces
  • Containing our best polymers to control calcium phosphate scale under critical conditions
  • Offers high efficiency with a low level of P
  • Additional synergistic effects with standard phosphonic acids
  • Patent protected technology

Corrsave 100 has been developed by Kurita and is produced exclusively by Kurita Europe.

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