Parker Systems, Inc. (PSI)

Parker Systems, Inc. (PSI)

- Corrugated Box



PSI’s Secondary Containment Box is a maximum performance containment system. This one cubic yard box is completely incinerable or can be landfilled so there’s no contaminated drum to deal with. The heavy-duty Corrugated box will hold the equivalent of four 55-gallon drums, saving you money in transportation and disposal. Each box comes complete with a heavy-duty 8 mil poly liner (36″x36″x72″), a nail kit and an authorized 4-way pallet base. The three-foot cube, which holds up to 2,500 pounds and is authorized under UN specifications for use with Packing Groups I, II and III solids can be stacked three boxes high (2500 lbs. per box) for storage, but cannot be transported three boxes high.

  • 4-55 gallon drums = 1 box = 1 cu/yd.
  • A truckload contains 28 full boxes and 200 empty boxes.
  • Shipping size empty is 72″x38″x8″ at 85 lbs each.
  • Ships and stores flat (saving space) and set up is a breeze.

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