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Corrugated with Membrane Cover



Tanks are available with flexible membrane covers for those applications that do not require a pitched roof and where snow loads are not a concern. The membrane cover tank consists of corrugated galvanized steel wall sheets with a round flexible membrane that is stretched across the top of the tank opening. The cover is pulled over the top edge of the tank wall and is secured with ropes to hooks that are bolted to the bottom of the top sheet. The membrane cover tanks are equipped with a geotextile preliner and a flexible membrane main liner for water containment.

An exterior wind support ring is provided for 21′ diameter models and larger.

The membrane cover tanks are pre-engineered for water containment only. The membrane covers are not engineered for any specific sites nor for any live loads. These tanks should not be used in applications with high wind loads nor any snow load.

All tanks having 2 rings (models XX02) or taller have a removable side access panel that is used for interior tank access during construction or for emergency access.

The membrane cover must be unlaced at some point around the side of the tank to allow access to the inside of the tank.

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