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Cover Film Bales


Fthe film for forming bales COVER FILM can successfully replace the classical net. It allows even tighter packaging of the material, preparing it for wrapping or storage of dry bales on a field. Thanks to using most durable materials and newest technologies in production, COVER FILM despite only 13 microns structure, can perfectly form a bale. This solution can help you optimalize the costs in your farm
COVER FILM pozwala  na uzyskanie balotów o idealnym kształcie, zapobiegając przy tym stratom w materiale, a także ułatwia transport i przechowywanie. COVER FILM, thanks to its unique properties, facilitates your work and saves your time. The uniform structure of the film perfectly protects against snow, rain etc., and allows safe storage of grass and hay on a field without a fear that it gets wet. UV stabilization protects your harvest for up to 12 months. COVER FILM allows forming bales of an ideal shape, preventing the waste of material and facilitating transport and storag

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