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CONCORD CONOx Abatement Systems are custom engineered NOx and/or CO abatement system in one modular package. The CONCORD is a unique abatement device designed as a combined selective catalytic reduction (SCR) NOx abatement system and CO abatement System in one convenient and integrated package.

CONCORD CONOx Systems can effectively treat green house gases (GHG) such as NOx and other pollutants. Ever changing emission regulations are hard to keep up with. The CONCORD CONOx System can be an effective alternative to help you stay complaint and profitable for years to come.

CPI designs and manufactures a custom NOx Abatement System in one modular package. The CONCORD CONOx System is a combined Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system with add on control for CO or other VOC’s in one modular package. The CONCORD CONOx System can be economically applied with many industrial and chemical processes where NOx emissions and other pollutants are of concern.

The CONCORD CONOx Removal System engineered to provide +90% NOx removal when operated with an ammonia injection system (dry urea, anhydrous ammonia or aqueous ammonia) and specially designed SCR Catalyst. The ammonia will be precisely sparged into the CONCORD reactor and used as a reactant over the SCR Catalyst. The resulting emissions will be nitrogen, water, and minimal ammonia (slip). One of the flexibility features of the CONCORD System is its ability to economically abate other pollutant such as CO, VOC’s, or HAP’s. The CONCORD CONOx Removal System can be fitted to include auxiliary catalyst systems for other pollutants. The exhaust from the CONCORD-CONOx Removal System will be used in a Recuperative Heat Exchanger to be used as energy conservation for the incoming gas stream.

NOx reduction is based on the effective and safe control of an ammonia reactant over the NOx removal catalyst bed. A typical ammonia delivery system may include the following components: Unload station, storage tank, pumping/delivery, vaporizer


The CONCORD CONOx Abatement System incorporates a primary heat exchanger for energy conservation, a pre-heat burner for even catalyst temperature control, NOx abatement catalyst choices designed to convert oxides of nitrogen (NO + NO2) in the presence of ammonia to nitrogen and water vapor. Ammonia reactant is used in precisely measured amounts and injected before the catalyst bed. Depending on other pollutants that may be in the off gas, a variety of optional catalyst bed choices can be integrated with the CONCORD System. This adds flexibility for carbon monoxide (CO) or other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s)

The CONCORD System starts in the catalytic reactor where our floating plate primary heat exchanger is fabricated of all stainless steel. The counter flow of process exhaust gas with clean oxidized air allows relatively cool operation at the leading edges of the plates. Designing the heat exchanger in this fashion allows the CONCORD CONOx Abatement Systems to operate with a wide range of operational flexibility.

The pre-heat burner has been specially developed for use in CONCORD CONOx Abatement Systems operating in a negative pressure environment. The burner is designed to promote mixing of the exhaust gasses with oxygen when fired horizontally into the burner chamber. This innovative design provides the highest degree of flame impingement and high-velocity mixing, leading to airflow and temperature uniformity for which CONCORD CONOx Abatement Systems are known.

A specially developed NOx Removal Catalyst is used based on the exact needs of the application. There are three types of catalyst that can be considered: Zeolite Catalysts offer high temperature operation, Vanadium/Titanium Blends offer wide range flexibility, and Precious Metal blends offer low temperature capability. Other pollutants such as CO, VOC, or HAP can be effectively treated through the use and application of other catalyst formulations.

Abatement of NOx includes the safe and accurate control of ammonia reactant. The CONCORD CONOx Removal System engineered to provide NOx removal when operated with an ammonia injection system (dry urea, anhydrous ammonia or aqueous ammonia) and specially designed SCR Catalyst. The ammonia will be precisely sparged into the CONCORD reactor and used as a reactant over the SCR Catalyst. The resulting emissions will be nitrogen, water, and minimal ammonia (slip).

Precise and accurate control of the ammonia reactant is critical to efficient NOx abatement with minimal ammonia slip. The selective catalytic reaction is simply the ionization of oxygen in air with Hydrogen and Nitrogen molecules in the ammonia. The designed result is the reformation to harmless nitrogen (N2), and water vapor (H2O) with usable heat at low temperatures. The catalytic-induced ionization level for NOx occurs at temperatures between 450°F and 750°F. This is sufficient to achieve conversion of NOx pollutants in excess of 90%. After the NOx removal catalyst, a second stage of catalyst can be used to promote additional removal of other gas stream pollutants. The exact details for the second stage reaction will be dependent on the composition of the process stream and the desired performance needs.

Auxiliary systems can be included based on the exact needs of the application. Precise ammonia reactant can be controlled via our Integral Continuous Emission Monitoring control and record keeping platform. Other components of a complete system may include ammonia delivery unload station, ammonia storage tank, pumping/delivery, and the ammonia vaporizer.

A booster fan draws the process exhaust into the system at a fixed duct static pressure. From there, the contaminated gases are passed through the CONCORD CONOx Abatement System. The system is under constant negative pressure which eliminates fugitive leaks to the surrounding area. The resultant clean, gases are released to the atmosphere. An advantage the CONCORD System offers is multiple sources being effectively controlled in one device. The volume control and sparge control systems work together to insure efficient operation without any impact on the performance of the process.

CONCORD CONOx Abatement System'S meet today's environmental challenges by using the most cost effective manufacturing techniques to bring to industry reliable pollution control systems that offer lower capital costs, simplified installations, and minimal maintenance.

CONCORD CONOx Abatement System’S exceed today’s air pollution control needs with:


Integrated Design

Integrating all the major components into one unitized system saves on field installations, improves reliability, and lowers the overall costs for air compliance. The CONCORD CONOx Abatement System utilizes only the highest quality components. From the all stainless steel mixing and combustion chamber, the heavy-duty, all stainless steel heat exchanger, the specialized burner system, to the catalyst system, each component is contained within a well insulated, maintenance-free exterior designed for long life and low costs.



Each CONCORD CONOx Abatement Systems is custom engineered and built for maximum performance and flexibility. Therefore the catalyst is selected based on the ability to provide the highest performance and longest life. The catalyst choices are selected based on our 45 year history and proven chemistries for long life and high performance. Other pollutants such as CO, VOC, or HAP can be effectively treated through the use and application of other catalyst formulations.


Thermal Efficiency

CONCORD CONOx Abatement Systems lead the industry with the lowest operating costs. The primary heat exchangers are made of all high grade stainless steels and incorporate our unique floating plate expansion system. This unique design provides for long life, high efficiency, and the ability to accommodate the various emission loadings. CONCORD heat exchangers can be designed with thermal efficiencies up to 80% and can be equipped with fully automatic hot gas or cold gas bypass dampers for flexibility to changing conditions. Auxiliary systems such as fluid heaters and recirculation systems further reduce the operating cost of the system.


Interior and Exterior Construction

The CONCORD CONOx Abatement Systems is fabricated entirely of stainless steel alloys designed to prevent embrittlement and fatigue.The entire unit is continuously welded to eliminate leakage and provide the highest uptime reliability.All the interior components are fully insulated with a high quality lining system designed to reduce heat losses for continued energy savings.

All components are accessible from the outside to provide easy maintenance and internal inspections are accommodated via access doors in all appropriate areas.The CONCORD’s exterior is clad with a heavy gauge aluminum corrugate to provide durable - maintenance free protection in any environment.

One of the keys to the CONCORD’s exceptional performance is found in the design of the sparge grid.CPI operates Algor Computational Fluid Flow Dynamic Modeling.We will analyze the flow characteristics of the reactant injection as compared to the process flow through the CONCORD reactor. This insures the most efficient location and orientation sparge grid system.


Temperature Safety System

Every CONCORD CONOx Abatement System is integrated to our customized PLC-control panel called TSS. TSS communicates with the CONCORD system and your process for optimal performance, safety, and reliability. TSS optimizes fuel efficiency by managing temperatures, controlling drives, and positing valves. This user friendly system provides automated operations, one button start-stops, self diagnostics, and data monitoring options for simplified maintenance and compliance verification. Catalytic Products International, Inc. has vast processor experience and can integrate any industrial processor into your operations.


Optional Features

  • Turnkey supply of ammonia storage, delivery, and vaporization
  • Recirculation loops for reduced operating cost
  • Integral Continuous Emission Control and Monitoring systems
  • Multiple fuel blends or oil fired combustion systems
  • Heat exchanger efficiency based on the needs of your application
  • PLC control and man-machine-interface options based on your needs
  • Footprint design flexibility to suit your space availability
  • Secondary Heat Recovery Solutions

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